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          Our clients


          • Colombian students
          • International exchange students
          • Spanish language students

          Young professionals

          • Local and foreign interns
          • Young professionals

          “Hey, I stayed in Pangea in Laureles for five months. I was the only foreigner in the house so it gave me a good opportunity to make friends with local Colombians. Even though I was working in El Poblado, it was easy to get to work each day with the bus, two minutes from the house. If I wanted to take the metro it was a pleasant walk through lively Carrera 70. Along this street I found some of the best places to go out and spent every Thursday in the best salsa club of Medellin -tibirí.”

          -Jacinta, Australian.

          We believe that when you live in a new city that the place you stay is of the upmost importance. It should give you a safe and comfortable base while you go out and explore the city and meet new friends.

          “Pangea has been the best part of my Stay in Medellín. My house has a great location in the heart of Poblado and my housemates are great fun. There is always something to do. It’s really cool to live with Colombians and other internationals, it makes for a great atmosphere and a great way to make long lasting friends-”

          -Daniel Herrera, Bogotá.