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Towns around Medellin: Jardín

Towns around Medellin: Jardín

Four hours south of Medellin, you will find the beautiful and peaceful town of Jardín. Far from the chaos and traffic of the city, this is the perfect place for a weekend getaway.

Several buses a day leave from the Terminal Sur in Medellin and cost $25,000 COP. The journey lasts three and a half to four hours and will take you through the impressive Colombian landscape. You will see numerous mountains, many valleys and countless rivers. Many street sellers will hop on the bus, and if you are lucky, a man with a guitar will get on and sing to you. It is an extraordinary journey.

When you arrive in the town, you can immediately see why Jardín is known as the most beautiful town in Antioquia. With cobbled streets, bordered with colourful houses – you feel as if you are in another world. Around the main square, you will find cafes, hotels and artisanal shops. The first thing to do is have a coffee and sit with the locals. Be sure to visit the Basilica de la Inmaculada Concepcion. It is a neo-gothic building and the inside is spectacular.

After this, go on a walk through the surrounding countryside. You can climb the ‘Alto de las Flores’ or the ‘Cerro Cristo del Rey’. For those who are not feeling up for the climb, there is a cable car to the summit. From the top of the hill, there is a panoramic view of Jardín and also a café where you can have a much deserved beer. You can also see tropical and beautiful birds.

For the coffee lovers – there are coffee plantations and farms around the town which you can visit to learn more about the coffee culture. There are also several walks to waterfalls, ponds and caves. For the keen adventurers, a three-hour trek will take you to the ‘Cueva Esplendor’.

In the evening, relax in one of the restaurants in the town. Café Europa has delicious pizzas whilst there is also a variety of more traditional restaurants serving Bandeja Paisa.

Overall, Jardín is an authentic and picturesque place, full of romance and history.

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